Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Clarksville | Pub leaving; replacement in doubt

The publisher of Gannett's two small mid-Tennessee dailies is leaving for a marketing and public relations job at a state university, The Leaf-Chronicle of Clarksville reported today, in a story that does not say when -- or even whether -- he's being replaced. Andrew Oppmann, 47, also was publisher of The Daily News Journal of Murfreesboro.

He joined Gannett Tennessee in May 2007, the paper says, "first splitting his time between Murfreesboro and The Tennessean in Nashville, where he was a vice president until adding his Clarksville duties in September 2008."

Carol Hudler, president of GCI's South Group newspaper division, and publisher of the Tennessean, told the Leaf-Chronicle: “We wish Andrew well in his new opportunity and thank him for his hard work and community service on behalf of Gannett Tennessee." She wasn't quoted about any plans for filling Oppmann's position.

The Clarksville-Mufreesboro position would be at least the second left open as a result of shifts within GCI. Last month, Corporate named Linda Greiwe the new publisher of Missouri's Springfield News-Leader, leaving unfilled her position as president of the Newspaper Network of Central Ohio -- a portfolio of smaller dailies.


  1. Well, I didn't think it was unusual to leave the position vacant. They are going to have to look long and hard to find someone willing to relocate to Central Ohio.
    I suppose (and this is only my personal speculation here) this could be the end move for a consolidation into the Enquirer operation in Cincinnati. Much of the finance operation has already gone to either the NSSC, the CCC, or to Cincinnati. Why not just close the Newark Annex completely and move the rest of the jobs to Cincinnati or eliminate them entirely?

  2. As someone who knew Andrew from his days at the Kentucky Enquirer, congratulations to you. Congratulations on getting out.

  3. They probably won't name a publisher at Clarksville or Murfreesboro...they have gutted those papers so much that they can hardly stay in business...Gannett just doesn't know how to manage community newspapers...look at what they have done to good papers nation wide.

  4. There seem to be a lot of high level vacancies around the USCP. I would be interested to know how many other papers have spots open. We all know about corporate and USAT. How can we not? It's all most of the posts on this blog are about.

    I think we need to start a thread. I'll go first.

    Wilmington- Wanted... VP of Advertising and VP of Production. With a rumor of another high level position to open up soon.

    Who's next?


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