Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Marymont, Hunke in APME panel this afternoon

U.S. newspaper division News Department Vice President Kate Marymont is moderating a panel discussion this afternoon on new business models in journalism, with USA Today Publisher Dave Hunke as one of the guests.

The 2 p.m. ET event is being held at this year's Associated Press Managing Editors convention at the Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg, Fla. Poynter's Steve Myers is live-blogging the discussion right now, which also includes former USAT Publisher Tom Curley, now CEO of the Associated Press.

Earlier: USAT's "revolutionary transformation" rolls out


  1. Yipes! One of the people in the audience asking Hunke a question was . . . former USAT Editor Ken Paulson!

  2. Lots of Hunke stuff here about the need for "bold moves," the dangers of risk, and the creation of new "verticles." But what I found missing is any discussion about what readers want, and what turns them off. It all sounds like a political speech, with no substance: 'Come let us grapple the problems of the future together, mindful of the difficulties we faced in the past' sort of thingy.
    Only bit of news I picked up from it was that USA circulation is up from March. But I wonder what ABC will report next week is the Y/Y figure. I believe it will be a large loss.

  3. Wonder what he asked?

  4. He wanted to know more about how USAT's sports coverage would be produced and distributed under the reorganization.

  5. What exactly does Kate Marymont know about new business models for journalism? The once bright star has regressed into someone holding with death grips to the old way of thinking. She used to be a go-to person for trying and experimenting, now all she wants to do is rearrange deck chairs.

  6. Kate Marymont, "the once bright star?" Please when and where was that?


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