Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tech 101| How's CCI NewsGate working so far?

University of Montana undergraduate student Kristen Theiler asked me to post the following author's query about the new computer system Gannett is installing across the U.S. newspaper division. CCI NewsGate is part of the two-year-long rollout of five newspaper page design and production hubs. She writes:

I am very interested in knowing how Gannett's CCI NewsGate system has worked since it was launched, and if you would share with me any information regarding the switch.

Also, if you could put me in contact with people who work with the system on a regular basis, it would be very helpful.

I'm a senior at the University of Montana, and not only is my senior thesis on the future of newspaper design, but so is the career that i have been training for since high school.

Please post your replies to her query in the comments section, below. Or you mail e-mail jimhopkins[at]gmail[dot-com], and I'll forward your notes to her -- without identifying you, if you choose. See my Tipsters Anonymous Policy in the rail, upper right.


  1. Is she interested only in how Gannett is handling the move to NewsGate? Because she also could talk to anyone at a Tribune paper about the software.

  2. The Louisville paper has been using NewsGate for a few years -- reporters and editors there could give her an earful about it.

  3. Theiler says: "I would like perspective on the switch from people whether they are staff members of a paper that works with Gannett, or have left their previous newspaper because of it."

  4. you might want to reconsider that career choice, or at least steer way clear of the generic Gannett production centers that are ramping up.

  5. CCI is awesome. Best front-end system I've ever seen. Amazing overall.

  6. 3:53 PM. And how many front-end systems have you seen? I'm hearing otherwise.

  7. Can't say I have seen the "new" NewsGate, but we are on the only slightly older version. NewsGate is OK. Not great, but OK. It has potential, but some key aspects are very poorly implemented, which make it less than perfect. Lists, lists and more lists, but one never has the information easily accessible. Sometimes things disappear. It freezes and crashes some. But as a front-end tool, it could be worse. The layout portion, LayoutChamp, however, is junk. If you are used to Quark, InDesign or even PageMaker, it will seem like a step back to 1989.

  8. Anonymous 10/21/2010 12:28 PM, from The Louisville paper-

    I would like to get some more information about the impact that Gannett has made on your newsroom.

    Can you tell me your position at the paper and specifically what issues you have with the NewsGate system?

    How long has the paper been working with Gannett, and is the information sent to one of the new 'Design Centers?'

    How was your previous staff affected? What did the members who were let go end up doing for their next job?

    You can post your answers if you would like on this blog, or I am willing to get in contact with you directly.


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