Monday, August 18, 2008

Gannett starts issuing pink slips: 600 jobs at stake; employees tally historic losses; blog updates all day

In one of the industry's biggest mass layoffs, Gannett today begins notifying as many as 600 newspaper employees nationwide that they're losing their jobs -- just as thousands of other newly unemployed newspaper workers flood an already strained economy.

The layoffs, confirmed on Thursday, are on top of 400 other newspaper jobs GCI is simultaneously eliminating through attrition, as the faltering top publisher races to shore up profits amid plunging advertising revenues and a slumping stock price. "We are all in the same boat," one employee says. "Let’s help each other get through this."

The combined 1,000 lost jobs are 3% of the community newspaper division's total employment. That division employs more than 30,000 in the U.S., or about 65% of Gannett's global workforce. The division's 84 papers include titles such as the 250-employee Town Talk in Alexandria, La., which is laying off three workers, and The Courier-Journal in Louisville, Ky., cutting loose 15 of more than 1,000 employees.

Today caps four days of anxious waiting for 600 workers, who get the bad news this morning, and in days ahead. They will receive severance of one week's pay for each year of service, capped at 52 weeks, plus medical coverage for the length of their severance period, according to Corporate's layoff instructions to publishers.

Adding to worker worries, Corporate warned that these layoffs may not be the last. "If advertising and circulation revenues continue to decline, further payroll reductions may be necessary,'' the company instructed publishers to tell employees.

Gannett flagship USA Today, the nation's No. 1 circulation newspaper, has so far avoided cuts in this round. But employees aren't off the hook: Publisher Craig Moon has scheduled a companywide staff meeting for Aug. 27 -- prompting speculation that he'll announce layoffs or more buyout offers.

This week's layoffs rival the mass dismissal nearly 17 years ago of about 700 Gannett employees at The Arkansas Gazette. GCI closed that paper amid up to $30 million in annual losses during a bruising newspaper war it lost in Little Rock.

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[Image: today's Town Talk front page, Newseum]


  1. "one week's pay for each year of service, capped at 52"

    Why is it capped at 52? Has anyone worked longer than 52 years and if so is it really going to break the budget to pay them for that 53rd week?

  2. Any truth that the Cherry Hill publisher and ME decided to take this week off?

  3. Walt, the Cherry Hill publisher, is here today. The mood here is grim. After worrying all weekend we just want it to be over with.

  4. Are the pink slips coming out on the 20th, or do they need to be delivered by the 20th?

  5. Our EE just high-tailed it for the week. What a great show of support and leadership.

  6. Is Westchester the only paper that did their layoff on the day of the announcement?


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