Monday, August 18, 2008

Welcome, new readers, to Gannett Blog!

Here's more about it. Also, please consider taking my "Where do you work survey?" It's near the top of the blue sidebar, right.

Plus: Who I am, where I've been -- and why I'm blogging.


  1. "I won't publish your name or other identifying information unless you specifically tell me to." Can you see our email addresses when we post anonymously to this blog? Just wondering.

  2. Did that guy from Guam specificially ask to have his name in that post that's going to get him fired?!?!?! If so....good lord.

  3. That "guy from Guam" was quite obviously a mean-spirited attack by some unknown other person.

    Jim used to moderate comments, in the sense that he approved them before they posted. Then he went to instant comments. Now, after that shallow-brained attack, he might re-think, methinks.


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