Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Sports Media | How can they fire all the photogs?

It's easy, says blogger Alan Mutter, who writes about publishers dumping professional photographers in favor of less-expensive freelancers. His post comes as Reuters North America switches to buying sports photos from USA Today Sports Images starting Sept. 15.

USAT Sports Images is the former US Presswire photo syndicator the paper bought two years ago this month.


  1. Sure, it's easy. And it's cheap since freelancers don't get benefits and only get paid per assignment. And it often makes for crappy pictures done cheaply. But people have been inundated with crappy pictures since digital photography became common and everyone began forcing others to view their crappy pictures by email and photo sharing websites. By now, most people have become so numb to images assaulting them everywhere they are not able to appreciate really good photojournalism. Or care.

  2. What's the latest with SMG? Are they going to survive?


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