Wednesday, April 17, 2013

USAT | An interesting use of copyright material

USA Today is webcasting the trailer to the new Superman movie -- with a paid pre-roll advertisement attached to the beginning. That's certainly one way to generate free video content.


  1. I'm sure the studio doesn't mind that one of the biggest websites in the country has picked up their trailer — it's promotional material designed to get people to see their movie. Preroll or no, you're reaching with your slanted insinuations of "copyright material" shenanigans.

    1. Give Jim a break. He has only collected $50 from his fans so far. He needs to write for the base. I see another Mirror Award in the near future.

    2. Yes, it's true. This blog generates almost zero revenue for Jim. And yet, he continues to keep it going. What have you done today?

  2. Editorial rips off copywrited material all the time.

  3. some times it is never about revenue it is about passion, if Jim is looking at other greater interests than revenue then the blog is far much better alive than deadOnline advertising companies


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