Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Mountain Home's Tate named GPS general manager

Tom Tate, general manager of The Baxter Bulletin, has been promoted to general manager of Gannett Publishing Services, according to the newspaper in Mountain Home, Ark.

Formed a year ago, GPS handles production, circulation and other services for GCI's U.S. dailies as well as outside customers. It has about 7,700 employees -- about 25% of the company's worldwide workforce.


  1. Gannett Publishing Services announced the following appointments:

    Jerry Hill will lead the circulation team as the Senior Vice President/ Circulation, and have responsibility for all of Gannett circulation management for both USCP and USA TODAY. He will be responsible for home delivery, local and national single copy sales, digital and full access subscription sales, customer service, customer insight, and reporting/analysis. Hill’s collaborative leadership style as well as creative and visionary thinking will provide strong direction now and into the future. Hill formerly oversaw the Consumer Services and Sales Support division of GPS and has held various leadership roles with Gannett in Detroit, the Pacific Group, and at Gannett corporate.

    Reporting to Hill in the role of Vice President/Distribution & Single Copy Market Sales will be Jack Saunders. In his new role, Saunders will oversee all home delivery and single copy distribution and operations, single copy sales and our third party distribution partnerships. Saunders has demonstrated strong leadership during the past nine months with GPS and has extensive knowledge in distribution operations and sales. Saunders joined Gannett in 2000 as director of circulation administration with The Arizona Republic where he was subsequently promoted to vice president of circulation. A replacement for the Vice President /National Field Operations, Saunders’ former position, will be announced shortly.

    Along with Saunders, also reporting to Hill will be Diane Barrett, Vice President/National Single Copy Sales, and Helen Hoffman, Vice President/Subscriber Sales.

  2. I'm sure the Mountain Home paper is a fine publication. But . . .

    My first thought when I saw "GM of The Baxter Bulletin" was, Ted has a newsletter? And the guy cranking the mimeo (look it up, you young pups!) is now running GPS.

  3. Tom is a good choice for the GM spot. I've know him for many years and he will do well.

  4. General Manager of what paper? Or the entire division?

  5. Well we know why the guy in Louisville didn't get the job.
    He bought 3 used CTPs (computer to plate machines) from the Columbus Dispatch. You recall they are the ones reconfiguring to take over printing of Cincinatti Enquirer.
    Tore out 2 of the old machines here, set up the new ones yesterday.
    After much patting themselves on the back for a job well done, it was realized that Columbus currently running 46" web. Louisville running 44". Plates are wrong width.
    This also happened a while back in Des Moines & it took 2 months to get converted.
    Louisville starts running USAT Sun night.
    Way to go, Tom.

  6. GPS GM in Springfield -- for all intents, his old job. Not sure why it rates a Gannettblog post, but more power to him.

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. 2:27 - I was wondering the same thing. Typical Gannett story, the facts get lost in the babble.

  9. GPS continues to hire and promote people who are mousy and quiet, since Austin Ryan and Evan Ray are such lousy leaders. They just want glorified assistants who do what they say, viz a viz Tons Humpfries, and terrified capitulators like Stacy Martin. Ryan, who has all of a high skool edukashun, has no idea how to provide a forum for enlightened leadership. So welcome to the terror train, Mr. Baxter Bulletin superstar. You'll see.

  10. The conversion on CTP to go from 46 inch to 44 inch is quite simple. You should be able to figure that out then pat yourself on the back.

  11. Ah Grasshopper! In your zeal to defend you missed key point. Louisville is to start printing USAT this coming Sunday night.
    The problem was not discovered until the machines were " ready to go".
    The whole world has now read about the Columbus conversion/cutdown.
    All, that is, but our guy.
    Louisville production must once again hide its face in shame.
    Oh, the humility.

  12. Gannettblog post still not corrected...

  13. Why did you delete my comment? Because of the drinking comment about her or the private jet comment usage?? Both are true.

  14. @6:03 - Not so interesting, actually. While Louisville is test printing off-schedule, the actual live print run doesn't begin Sunday night. It begins next week for the edition of 8/13.

    The issue with the CTP devices was caught when they were delivered to Louisville and a conversion parts kit from Kodak was missing.

    And he didn't get the Mountain Home GM job because he didn't apply. You see, he has a bigger GM job in Louisville.

    We shouldn't let the facts get in the way of a good story.

    1. Hello Randi, good of you to defend your fellow Detroit carpetbagger. We've been told the other goon you brought down ( you remember him, got run out of town after some unpleasantness ) has got his titty in the ringer but you and Tommy-boy aren't there to back him out this time.


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