Wednesday, February 16, 2011

KARE | Former advertising staffer to be sentenced

In a messy bankruptcy case involving her heavily indebted boyfriend, former KARE-TV employee Christi Rowan is to be sentenced to federal prison on Feb. 25, the Minneapolis Star Tribune says today. At one point, Rowan was accused of posing as a Gannett attorney making nearly $190,000 a year.


  1. The older story says she said she was a Gannett attorney, but the most recent piece says otherwise: "She also claimed to be an attorney when she really worked for Gannett Co." Wondering which it is.

  2. Wow, we're posting criminal follow ups about stories that involved never-was GCI employees. Why nothing on the deadly DUI from a GCI recruiter who lost his job and was just sentenced?

  3. Who cares? Is this TMZ now?


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