Friday, July 16, 2010

Urgent: GCI, Yahoo in local advertising pact

Confirming months of speculation, the following just crossed Business Wire:

Gannett (NYSE: GCI) and Yahoo! (Nasdaq: YHOO) today announced a local advertising partnership that brings together Gannett's strong local media organization brands, sales capabilities, and leading website audiences with Yahoo!'s high quality audience and display advertising leadership.

All of Gannett's 81 local publishing organizations and seven of its Broadcasting Division sites will sell Yahoo! advertising inventory as part of Gannett's local advertising solutions. As a result, local advertisers will benefit from expanded digital reach and audience targeting capabilities based on geography, user demographics, interests, and more against that expanded audience. In addition, Gannett will be leveraging the targeting and ad ordering capabilities of the APT from Yahoo! platform for local sales.

This partnership will extend Gannett's local media organization reach to cover as much as 80% of the total digital audience in each market.

"This partnership builds on the strength of Gannett's growing digital business and powerful local brands," says Gracia Martore, president, chief operating officer and chief financial officer at Gannett. "Working with Yahoo! will allow us to offer targeted advertising messages with unmatched local audience reach."

As part of the agreement, Gannett may also provide select local content for programming across Yahoo! properties in the U.S., including the Yahoo! homepage. A phased rollout will begin this quarter and will continue into 2011.

"Local advertising continues to be an important area of focus for us, and Yahoo! is committed to helping local businesses reach high quality target audiences," said Hilary Schneider, executive vice president, Yahoo! Americas. "This partnership significantly expands our local offering and gives advertisers the technology and scale they need to reach online consumers."


  1. this is the worst partnership that jack willima's has engineered. another example where gannett needs to go into the board meeting with another thing to entertain the board with.

    Look Board of Directors, we now did a Yahoo! deal. Oh and look, we put paywalls up and also launched GannettLocal.

    None of this will amount to much. The board is too clueless and Gracia, Craig and the rest of the idiots on Gilligan's Island are all blowing smoke up everyone's ass. Including the analysts, employees and investors.

  2. The people at Yahoo are laughing at Gannett right now. IDIOTS!!!

  3. Ok, why is it a bad deal? Facts only please.

  4. I'm in news and I actually think it's a smart deal just from what I read.

    It's helping Gannett to think that maybe they don't have to own or create all of the content; they can sell ads for content they don't own, and use the profits to prop up the creation of unique content that they can also use to sell ads on. I was hoping the company would have noticed that when thy had their DIG initiative 3 or 4 years ago.

  5. You have to love the negative thinkers. Nothing is ever smart, nothing is ever innovative, nothing is ever going to work. Sorry but this is the kind of direction we need to go. Will everything work? Of course not but we have to continue to experiment and try new things.

    I am one happy Gannettoid! Sorry lemmings. Now go call me a troll etc. If you can't pee on a colleague then you are never happy.

    Love my job, love my boss and best of all I love Gannett!

  6. This actually makes a lot of sense I think. It also could create a unique situation where Yahoo! would be paying for Gannett content instead of creating their own. Imagine getting articles from direct from the Arizona Republic on the immigration law, Detroit Free Press/Detroit News on the auto industry, USA Today on well, whatever they supposedly report. Could actually be a really great thing.

  7. I think this is great news and hope to see big things come out of this, but it won't and nothing will if we continue to work NOT as a "Team"

  8. Not knowing the financials, it looks like Yahoo will be the short term beneficiary from this deal. Although Yahoo has offered some content from local media (tv, newspapers) for the past three years on their homepage, now, they'll have some suckers to sell ads for them. Like all other projects, Gannett's local sales departments will be distracted "actively" selling Yahoo's site so they can make total payouts in their weighted commission plans and managers can make their bonuses. Since few of Gannett's remaining ordertakers are capable of multi-tasking, print revenue will decline further. Like other Gannett peddled online ventures, local advertisers will NOT see results especially in the current environment. Sales will tell these advertisers that the ads are more for branding and not for selling products which is why there are no results (should've disclosed this fact before they took their customers $$$$). Advertisers will feel they were B.S.'d which they were and another active account bites the dust...yea...another one down...another one down... You see where this is going? It has only been a couple years since the mighty Google left Gannett at the Prom...Didn't Stephen King make a movie about this???
    2011 could be worse: No Olympics, no political, no BP subsidized advertising, still no newspaper stimulus, more broadband, fewer subscribers...Uh Oh...


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