Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just in: Gannett publishes its 2008 Annual Report

[Cover illustration is montage of company brands]

Read it here, in the Annual Reports section on Corporate's website.

[Image: Gannett]


  1. For the full year, the company recorded severance and related
    benefits costs totaling $119 million, thereby reducing headcount
    across the company by 7,200 positions.

  2. I like to read Gannett's Annual Reports, in it paper version? The smell of fresh paper, the color, pictures. The humor of future earning, being talks about?

  3. IN recent years, employees had to download the annual report or read it online, very cumbersome.
    In the old days, they were printed and brought to each newspaper by the boxful, for everyone (including newspaper readers) to enjoy.
    Like 12:49 p.m., I miss having it. I may still have the copies that featured our newspaper when it won a gold medal or my work was mentioned.


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