Tuesday, February 04, 2014

WXIA | In Atlanta, it's a Super Bowl ad smack-down

"The quote on the Statue of Liberty doesn't say, 'Give me your English-speaking only, Christian-believing heterosexual masses.'"

-- News anchor Brenda Wood, in an opinion segment yesterday on WXIA in Atlanta. She was responding to the controversy over the America the Beautiful Super Bowl ad by Atlanta-based Coca-Cola Co. that aired Sunday. In a follow-up tonight, Wood says her original segment has drawn a bigger response than any other she's done.


  1. Who in blazes cares about the personal opinions of some wildly overpaid news reader? And where does she get off inserting her own invective and hate? This is the first we heard that somebody supposedly objected to the Coke ad, and frankly the news reader's injecting herself into the story only makes the whole narrative sound fishy. It certainly contributes to the public's mistrust. Shut up and read.

  2. the first you've heard that people didn't like the Coke ad? You need to get out more. The dunderheads of the Interwebs were firing off hate-filled and misinformed tweets moments after that ad aired, reminding me of how much stoooopid there is on the Interwebs and in this world, because some (many?) of the haters were upset that our national anthem was presented in different languages. Yep, they think America the Beautiful is our national anthem.

  3. Yeah...no one objected to the Coke ad except for Glen Beck, Rush and the usual horde of talk radio clowns who make millions playing their audience for fools. It's kind of ironic, though. These guys are objecting to an ad that did nothing more than play a pleasant version of America the Beautiful. Makes you wonder why they hate America so much.

    1. Because they are all about red, white and blue and colorblind to black, brown, yellow or any other shade that's not white.


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