Thursday, January 30, 2014

Greenville | Print plant shuttered; 117 jobs lost

Gannett has reached an agreement with Halifax Media Group to print South Carolina's Greenville News and North Carolina's Asheville Citizen-Times at Halifax printing plants in Spartanburg and Gastonia, N.C., starting around April 1, the News disclosed today.

The two papers are now printed in downtown Greenville.

The move, part of a broader cost-saving strategy to consolidate printing at Gannett and non-Gannett sites, will eliminate 42 full-time and 75 part-time jobs. The Asheville paper was among the first across Gannett to shutter its plant when it moved printing to Greenville in November 2008, a switch that cost 60 jobs at the time.


  1. “We deeply regret the loss of local positions and the impact on colleagues of many years,” said Steve Brandt, president and publisher of The Greenville News Media Group. I bet there were no wet eyes on anyone from the publisher up! Stand them up and mow them down is Gannetts motto!

  2. Of the 6 media companies I worked for during my 40+ years in the business Gannett is the most un-grateful company in the entire media industry. I would love to see them fold, but would hate to see it for the friends that I have still working for them.

  3. The beginning of the end for The Greenville News was when Multimedia sold out to Gannett. The people making the financial decisions no longer have to worry about seeing the impact of their decisions first-hand.

  4. Back years ago when Wheeler and Mikolajczk ran the Production for Gannett it was know as a lean machine, our numbers out did almost any other production departments in any of the media companys. Since Ryan took over all they do is shut them down. Too bad he don't loose his job.

    1. wonder if it was Ryan or Carpenters decision to let more people go !

  5. I told Greenville to get ready for the boom! I know print is a dying industry, but you greedy s.o.b. itches should sell the newspapers to a company that has the want and desire to keep print alive. Nothing like the corporate stooge coming in with his I'm so sad face to let us know that Gannett will do everything they can to help us with this transition and help us find new work. Oh yeah, and the EAP is available for anyone who is having problems with this adjustment, but only until March 31st when the doors close for good. Thanks for all the memories you life sucking sorry excuse for a company. And to my fellow production staff, I hope you all find something bigger and better in your future. This is Disgruntled Press Op signing off.

  6. I understand from the grapevine at Greenville, the News will be cutting their alternate delivery which includes; the Shop Local, Parent Magazine and others. If this is true, what happens to all of those jobs for carriers and other workers?

  7. Wow, people thought the Asheville paper was often late when it was printed 60 miles away, let's see how winters go when it's printed 110 miles away and over Black Mountain.

  8. Lafayette Indiana, NEXT on the list for print operations to shutter, Indy will pick up the work.


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