Monday, January 06, 2014

Broadcasting announces post-Belo executive team

Lynn Beall will remain Broadcasting's executive vice president, while continuing her role as president and general manager of KSDK in St. Louis, following Gannett's takeover two weeks ago of Dallas TV company Belo.

Peter Diaz, formerly Belo's president of media operations, also takes on an executive vice president role, according to a story today by Broadcasting & Cable. The trade site's report includes more details of other executives in the new lineup.


  1. These are merely the tip of the executive roster.

  2. It is predicted that similar developments will be robust, purposeful, and pleasurable.

  3. Craig Dubow coming out of retirement, fighting through the pain, to retake a revitalized broadcast division in time to suck Olympic revenue bonuses before retiring again on April 1st with a truck filled with $40 million cash, just so kvetchers on Gannettblog can't piss and moan if it was $40M, up to $40M, or nowhere near $40M.

  4. In related news, Gannett has put all the stations' real estate up for sale and converted all news-readers to mojos, with patented Al Franken Self-Contained One Man Mobile Uplink Units.

    No worries, ladies, about that 'one man' thing. Gracia has enrolled you in the Maryam Charm School. You'll no longer have to produce any results and you can forward as much off-color e-mail humor as you have within reach. If you're coming from an NBC affiliate, you'll recognize much of our teaching staff as folks who stopped doing anything two years ago.

  5. As a long-time editor, I have cautioned writers about attempting humor. The professionals make doing it look deceptively simple. It isn't, as 7:13 a.m., and 7:23 a.m., so amply demonstrate.

  6. So much for lean and mean. Well, at least lean.


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