Wednesday, December 25, 2013

While handicapping Yahoo, guilt by association

"Chances are it will look more like
 Gannett than Google."

-- The Wall Street Journal, in a new "Heard on the Street" column about Yahoo's future prospects.


  1. And yet, Yahoo still runs about even with Google for monthly page views. And the stock has doubled in 2013, while Gannett is up roughly 60% mostly due to the Belo acquisition.

    One other thing . . . Yahoo's market cap is over $40 billion. That's roughly SIX TIMES the value of GCI.

  2. Just great- besides being a mismanaged, poorly run company, Gannett is has now become a metaphor for excess and the way a business shouldn't be run. It's all in reach!

  3. HAHA - I love this line, "Investors can only guess at what Yahoo will look like underneath its designer wardrobe. But chances are it will look more like Gannett than Google."

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