Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Somerville | A hed too long, or a story too short

The hed over this story in the Courier News of Somerville, N.J., is nearly as long as the story itself. (Does this have anything to do with the byline, which says: "Written by Ms. Smith Reader Submitted.")


  1. I used to tell a certain "designer" not to put things on the page until I looked at the stories. She never got it. One day, I came back from lunch and she told me she was done designing the page. Stories got filed while I was downstairs. Problem is, editors would assign story and take the first sentence and throw it in as a dummy headline. She took one story and put it across the top of an inside page in the Local News section, ran that sentence across the top of the page in two decks. And she had been a "designer" for a couple of years. She also had photos in the wrong stories. Not sure how she managed that one, since they originally started in the correct packages. Then she complained that she was going to have to take the whole page apart. Um. Yep.

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  2. @ 9:58 PM - some people are so dense you have to explain it to them with pictures. Drawn in crayon.She sounds like one.

  3. Nothing wrong with the hed . . . Mrs. Smith was obviously doing some holiday baking and didn't have time for a second sentence.

    The more interesting stories are below Mrs. Smith's concise reporting.

    1) Woodbridge teacher accused of calling student whores.

    2) Woman orders a dishwasher, gets a complimentary snake.

    Obviously a big NY Post influence . . . . continuing on to the "News" link, one of the choices is "Jersey Mayhem/Crime".

    Looking at the website, mycentraljersey.com, NOWHERE do you see the name of the newspaper.

  4. JJC to the rescue!


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