Thursday, December 12, 2013

Rochester | All the news that's fine to print

Page One detail, Newseum.
As Gannett extends the Butterfly Project to 31 more newspapers in a bid to boost circulation and advertising revenue, one of the four dailies that's piloted the initiative has returned dozens of weekly pages of editorial content eliminated in recent years to pare costs.

Amid the initiative, the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle is selling subscriptions to seven-day home delivery for $26.50 a month.

But check out all the fine print in the New York paper's deal:

Offers available to new subscribers only; subscriptions that include home delivery of the print edition are valid only in areas where home delivery is available. Not valid with any other offer. Prepayment required. As a subscriber you will have full access to our content through, the e-Newspaper, mobile sites and applications, and home delivery of the print edition on the days you have selected. The Full Access subscription will continue and be billed monthly at the then regular rate, less any applicable credits, unless the Democrat and Chronicle is otherwise notified. The Thanksgiving Day edition is delivered with your subscription and will be charged the then regular Sunday newsstand price, which is reflected in the November payment. Applicable taxes may not be included in the rate. If we fail to home deliver a print edition, we will credit your account at the then regular credit attributed to providing home delivery of the print edition. If at any time you decide to cancel your subscription, you may contact customer service at 1-800-790-9565 and the full amount of any balance over $2.00 will be returned. You authorize the Democrat and Chronicle to automatically charge the credit card or bank account you indicate on the 15th of every month, unless the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, and then the deduction is taken on the next business day. Any outstanding balances will be processed with the first EZ-Pay charge. Your first EZ-Pay charge will be prorated based on the start date. Democrat and Chronicle will be referenced on your credit card or bank statement for any payments made toward your subscription.


  1. And I thought the disclaimers on car commercials were wordy. Mama!

  2. Rochester - What they don't tell you!

    When you go to renew your subscription, the regular rate will be $42.00 a month for Monday-Sunday delivery effective NOW.

    For a complete rate list see page 2 of the D&C, or call customer service and ask them the renewal rate for 7 day delivery after the intro rate is over...... pretty sneaky!


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