Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Brevard | County dumps G/O-designed website

Brevard County's tourism council paid $59,500 to Florida Today last year to develop its visitspacecoast site, plus an additional $1,500 a month for hosting and maintenance.

But now the council has decided the site's technology -- actually provided by Gannett's G/O digital marketing services -- can't do the job. Taxpayers will now pay about $200,000 more to another developer to redesign the site, according to a report today in Brevard Times.

It also notes the county paid Florida Today more than $260,000 overall for various services in 2012-2013.


  1. If my local Gannett newspaper or TV station tried to sell me digital marketing services, I would ask the salesperson how they could sell me something that Gannett itself is still trying to master.

  2. There was a time, where Florida Today hosted other prominent local sites, as well as their own web site, and as far as I know, made a nice amount of chump change in the process.
    Then came Corporate (I think it was GMTI) and took over, and cost for the clients tripled, including FT's own web site, which they now had to pay hosting fee's to Corporate for. The clients dropped off, and FT was forced to use the cookie cutter web pages.
    Everything Corporate takes over or gets involved with, becomes less functional and more expensive.

  3. In addition to less functional and more expensive add less useful to the readers to the list.

  4. Good move for Brevard!

  5. Florida Today also lost a $500,000 TV contract with the local community college.


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