Thursday, November 07, 2013

Stock | Twitter busts into the billion-dollar club

Twitter's stock soared 80% to $47 a share this morning on its first day of public trading, giving the seven-year-old San Francisco company a $25 billion market value after debuting its closely watched initial public offering at $26 a share.

Market capitalizations for Twitter, Gannett and other companies:

$341.8 billion

$163.0 billion

$119.6 billion

$68.9 billion

$25.5 billion

$19.9 billion

$6.7 billion

$6.4 billion

$2.0 billion

$1.4 billion


  1. And you ar comparing us to google, amazon and ebay because???

    1. Because these are companies in the industry where Gannett now competes.

    2. I didnt know ebay and netflix are in the news business. What about Yahoo? We have plenty of yahoos at Gannett.

  2. If you don't understand competition and innovation, then you're next in line to be CEO of a major media company.

    There's an old story about two hunters being chased by a bear. The bear is gaining on them, and one guy says: "We're both gonna die!" The other hunter says: "No WE'RE not. I don't have to outrun the bear - I just have to be faster than YOU."

    Turns out the internet bear didn't eat Gannett - it IGNORED Gannett. None of the listed companies more valuable than Gannett is over 20 years old.


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