Thursday, September 19, 2013

Louisville | Digital 'trailblazer' named top editor

[Updated at 6:31 p.m. ET.]  A new video at the top of the story shows Budde speaking to employees in the newsroom.

The Courier-Journal in Louisville just named Neil Budde, a former editor and reporter there, as the Kentucky paper's new top editor.

Budde (left) and Ivory
Budde, 57, replaces Bennie Ivory, who retired in July after 16 years leading the newsroom.

Budde has decades of experience in both print and online journalism, rising to be publisher of The Wall Street Journal Online after the site gained nearly 700,000 paid subscriptions, making it the largest paid subscription news site on the Internet, according to the C-J. Later, he was general manager and editor in chief of Yahoo News.

Budde left Dow Jones in 2002 to start a consulting business.

As executive editor, Budde will oversee the C-J’s print and digital news-gathering operations, the editorial page, as well as Gannett’s Louisville Design Studio, which designs and edits nearly two-dozen of the company's 80 other community dailies.

The C-J is one of Gannett's most-honored and biggest-circulating titles. It holds 10 Pulitzer Prizes, including two won after Gannett bought the paper from the Bingham family in 1986.

Weekday circulation is 131,208, and Sunday is 224,420, according to the March 31 AAM report. (Circulation database lookup.)


  1. I can't believe they assign him to also oversee the design studio. What does that have to do with running the Louisville newsroom?

    1. Bennie had the same responsibility. Indeed, I'm fairly certain that the top editors have that same role at the four other hubs in Nashville, Asbury Park, Des Moines and Phoenix.

    2. Hollis acts like he runs the Asbury Studio, whether he does or not.

  2. Former Reno publisher Ted Power moved to Des Moines to lead their design hub, so they must have some type of leadership hierarchy in place there.


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