Friday, August 23, 2013

U.S. Justice Department seeks more on Belo deal

In a just-issued press release, Corporate says the request -- the Justice Department's second -- isn't unusual. USA Today breaks down the frequency of these DOJ requests, and their outcomes.


  1. I don’t know how much attention the Justice Dept pays to individual communities, but a part of the hang up could be Phoenix. In that market, Gannett owns the newspaper (the Arizona Republic) a TV station (NBC affiliate KPNX) and will be getting (if the deal goes through) two other stations, a Belo independent station (KTVK - which currently has an excellent news operation) and KASW (the CW station which doesn’t have a news operation). Gannett would end up 2 out of 5 English language TV news outlets plus the Republic.

  2. Corporate says the request -- the Justice Department's second -- isn't unusual.......

    ........but as usual Jim is trying to make it into something. For more clicks!

  3. Not all news is sensational. He reported that the request was made and that corporate issued a press release about it. It could be a big deal but in my opinion Jim did not make it so. All Jim did is let us know it happened.

  4. Reporting nothing is nothing. Jim doesn't report a great deal. Why this?

    I stand by my original post Jim.

  5. So we can piss off people like you & then read your nomsensical nonsense.

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