Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Did Corporate 'massage the truth' on DOJ request?

Michelle Leder of footnoted, which takes deep dives into regulatory filings, wonders whether Gannett and Belo were 100% honest when they said last week that a second U.S. Justice Department request for information on their merger deal was routine.

In a post today, she notes that on the Federal Trade Commission's website, she found this: "The vast majority of deals reviewed by the FTC and the Department of Justice are allowed to proceed after the first, preliminary review."


  1. I am shocked.

  2. Worth noting that Michelle Leder is a former Gannettoid, having worked at the Poughkeepsie Journal in the 1990s. As I recall, she was a wonderful thorn in the flesh of the executive editor.

  3. They deserved each other. Both were manipulative and needlessly harsh. They inflicted their insecurity and misery on everyone, contributing to a toxic atmosphere that permeated the building. Thank God there were some equally talented people who were not a--holes.


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