Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Asheville | GCI reaches outside for new publisher

Dave Neill has just been named publisher of the Asheville Citizen-Times in North Carolina. Neill, 51, is publisher of the Naples Daily News. That Florida paper is owned by Scripps.

His newspaper career started as a photo intern for the Detroit News in 1980. Neill replaces Randy Hammer, who announced his retirement last week.

In his new job, Neill will also be regional East Group president of the Carolinas, overseeing Asheville and the Greenville News in South Carolina.

Asheville's Monday-Saturday circulation is 30,000, and Sunday is 45,000, according to the March 31 AAM report. (Circulation lookup database.)


  1. Who says Corporate only fires older workers?

  2. completely shocked they even filled the position.

  3. If you look at almost every new pub since Dickey took over, you'll see they all are hired from the outside. It would be an interesting analysis project for you Jim.

  4. He's not only the publisher but also the Gannett East Group’s regional president of the Carolinas. That's a new position.

    1. So, Greenville's publisher, Steve Brandt, now reports to Neill? Who did Brandt report to before?

  5. Brandt is next to retire...having Greenville report to Asheville is a major change to the status quo. Asheville has always reported to Greenville. Shows Hammer was moved aside.

  6. When the Carolinas were South Group, Brandt was the regional VP. That was also true when they were part of the old Interstate Group. After the last realignment, Kane never named regional VPs for either the Carolinas or Florida, as far as I know.

  7. Whoa nelly! Brandt's not going to like taking orders from a newcomer and a smaller paper.

  8. I agree with 6:36, Steve will be next to retire, my guess is by the end of the year.

  9. Rumored that the news-press vp admin will be given a east group president type position like Dave Neill. Official announcement coming end of this week or early next week.


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