Sunday, June 23, 2013

Visalia | What's going on in the executive suite?

A reader describes management upheaval at the top of the Times-Delta in Visalia, Calif., with the latest top executive out on Friday.

Publisher Amy Pack is one of Gannett's longest-serving unit chief executives, having held the job since 1995.

The paper's weekday circulation is 16,540, and Saturday is 20,465, according to the March 31 report from the Alliance for Audited Media. (Circulation lookup.)

Last year, circulation fell 6.3% from 2011, a rate putting the paper in the middle of the pack among the U.S. community dailies, according to regulatory filings.

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  1. what did the reader say?

  2. Controller just bolted, following loss of advertising director. This comes as the executive editor job remains vacant.

  3. Editor retired, could not handle Publishers lack of leadership skills and micro management, controller was thrown into the position when former controller left for the same reason as editor, new controller was a great person but the job requirements were more then she could commit too. If the Publisher was fired it was a long time coming. Very smart day but she could not make a decision and held employees professional growth back as we'll as the newspapers potential. She also killed the Salinas Californian. Layoffs were not her fault, but other bad decisions were.

  4. As someone who left the paper a few years ago for a better opportunity, here's my take on the situation: The longtime veteran editor was a solid journalist and good person who battled the whims of the publisher for 13 years. Finally gave up in exhaustion and retired. Since 1997, the Times-Delta had eight (!) ad directors mostly due to the publisher.

    I still have a lot of friends in the newsroom and they are all just keeping their heads down and trying to put out the best product they can. Word is new exec editor will be starting soon. God help the person. She's going to need it.

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  5. Pack is still there.
    1:13 is correct. Thankfully she now only has oversite of Ad, News and Finance.

  6. Amy Pack retiring. Paula Goudreau is now Publisher of The Salinas Californian and Visalia. Good luck Visalia with that! What a minor relief for Salinas.


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