Wednesday, May 08, 2013

GPS | Reader: buyouts offered to 160 employees

Anonymous@11:26 a.m. has just posted a memo from Gannett Publishing Services President Evan Ray, saying:

"Today we are offering a voluntary Early Retirement Opportunity Program to 160 eligible employees of GPS distribution and single-copy sales and educational sales who are age 56 or older with at least 20 years of service, as of June 21, 2013."

GPS employs about 7,200 workers. It handles production and distribution for Gannett's 82 U.S. newspapers, plus other media inside and outside the company.

The deal follows a similar buyout program offered to about 150 USA Today employees in March. Ultimately, around 35 were granted, and those employees are leaving now.


  1. When that memo came out, a couple of the older DMs moved faster than I've seen them go in YEARS. Anyone else notice that phenomenon in their office?

    Don't know how they pick the "winners" of this particular lottery, but if it's by first come, first served, then Arizona will have quite a few new retirees soon.

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