Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Survey | Does J.C. Penney advertise at your site?

With new turmoil in the executive suite, the retail chain's future looks more cloudy than ever. If the company went bust, would that cost your site much revenue?


  1. I couldn't tell you about the Jackson, MS, paper. I dropped my subscription to the paper, and now I get all my JCPenny sales info through e-mail. They do a great job with that!

  2. Apperently none of the 30k subscribers in my town read the ads. I get my info email

  3. Penneys does some advertising at my site, mostly preprints. However, the hit came in January of '12 when they stopped advertising almost entirely. They have started again, but not at the gangbuster level.

    If Penneys disappeared tomorrow, the only people who would notice would be the employees and the real estate agents who have huge stores that have to be rented.

  4. Not sure. Will have to check, but I tell you, if they go out of business, I won't have a wardrobe. They have one line of clothing there that I absolutely love and can't usually find anywhere else. I just made a raid on a larger store out of town over the weekend. I'd hate to go to work naked - it would not be a pretty sight!

  5. The USPS would lose a lot of money. Penney routinely sends out mailings. Love jcp's Arizona clothing line.

    Now consider . . . how much revenue would your local paper lose if Best Buy went under or cut back on print?

  6. 4-page slick insert in Sunday's paper. No regular ad in the south.


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