Friday, March 22, 2013

Tallahassee | And while I'm on the subject!

"Whatever decisions about state news coverage were not made by our parent company, which is called the Gannett Company, not the Gannett Corp., as the article states."

-- Tallahassee Democrat Executive Editor Bob Gabordi, in a blog post accusing Tallahassee Magazine of multiple errors in an article about the Florida daily's state government coverage. He also described the article's author as "an unhappy former Democrat employee and former freelancer." 


  1. Hey Jim, you're missing an "s" in the city's name in the headline.

    Here's a link to the magazine article:
    Seems to me Little Napoleon should be stomping his feet about bigger issues, like the fact that they've fallen behind the local TV station website in popularity. Here's the links, if you want to dispute that:
    Now, compare to:
    See how much lower-ranked the paywall site is?
    How much less its traffic rank and reputation are?
    Just 2-3 years ago, it was the other way around.


    1. Thanks; I've fixed that typo.

    2. The worst part is that the local TV station is really bad, but it is almost better than the mess Bob has reigned over. I don't get it, everyone I know associates the trashing of that paper to Bob, and many of them have almost visceral responses to what has occurred there. These are customers and former customers, regular people; I have no affiliation past or present with the the Democrat.

      You guys need to do some market research. This is just bad business. The journalism left the building half a decade ago, but now I question the business acumen.

      This experiment is a slow motion train wreck and Bob is blogging memos to corporate through the whole mess. Crazy..

  2. Read the blog post and saw the Paul Flemming and Jennifer Portman names jump out at me. Took me way back ... and I'm sure it would take Michael Maness (whose name makes an occasional appearance on here) way back, too.


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