Monday, March 25, 2013

Stock | Williams cashes in 24,000 GCI options

Jack Williams, president of Gannett Digital Ventures, has become the latest senior executive to exercise stock options he originally received four years ago.

In a new regulatory filing just moments ago, Williams disclosed that he sold 24,000 shares at an average $21.81 each. The strike price was $3.75 each, netting him $433,000.

Williams made the trades on Thursday.

GCI closed today at $21.66, up a penny.

Among other executives cashing in on the same options from 2009: Bob Dickey, president of the U.S. newspaper division, two weeks ago at $21.31, and in December at $17.83; and CEO Gracia Martore, also in December, for between $17.73 and $18.


  1. Makes really good sense. Cheers to all who turned a profit on those stock awards!

  2. Yeah, really. I don't know why anyone gives a shit about this.


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