Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Former PointRoller Diez fills long-vacant CEO job

Mario Diez was named chief executive of Gannett's troubled advertising services subsidiary today, permanently filling a position that had been vacant since Rob Gatto left in September.

Diez opened the New York market for PointRoll in 2003, when the company was a two-year-old start-up. It now has 266 staffers.

He most recently led quadrantONE, a newspaper advertising sales venture between Gannett and three other partners that was recently shuttered.


  1. rewarded for the great job he did with quadrantONE

  2. In other news, Francesco Schettino, the former captain of the Costa Concordia, was put in charge of raising the remnants of the Titanic.

  3. This company has gone from great, to good, to bad, to, now a disaster. Mario Diez has no experience relevant for this job other than the fact that he parties hard!

  4. troubled advertising services subsidiary
    Well put!

  5. On the brighter side of the picture, PointRoll's new onpoint offering is solid, clean, fast, and scalable.


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