Friday, February 22, 2013

In this deal, thank goodness for small favors

“We have no intention to send the New England Media Group to the slaughterhouse."

-- New York Times Co. Vice Chairman Michael Golden, addressing Boston Globe employees today about how the publisher will sell the paper plus other assets in the New England Media Group. The NYT Co. paid $1.1 billion for the Globe in 1993; it may now fetch as little as $80 million, depending on who gets stuck with the pension plans.

Related: NYT Co. has already been secretly talking with a bidder for a year.

Earlier: Why Gannett won't be bidding for the Globe.


  1. Who needs a slaughterhouse? The Globe is being thrown into a snowdrift in the middle of Winter and Dogg the Snowplow driver is bearing down on it.

  2. One more example of how Gannett knows what it's doing and other newspaper companies don't. Haters can hate but we are way better positioned than most.


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