Tuesday, September 18, 2012

USAT | Digital chief Payne: With rich-media ads, 'the only way for consumers to tolerate that is to make the advertising part of the experience'

High-profile newspaper designer Mario Garcia spoke with Chief Digital Officer David Payne about the new beta version of USA Today's website. Here's an excerpt.

Q. What was the most major challenge for you and your team working on a rethinking of the USAT website?
A. For news websites to be sustainable businesses, they are going to need to migrate from what is fundamentally a bottom-of-the-marketing funnel direct-response medium to a top-of-the-funnel marketing platform. The only way to do that is to create an experience where high-impact, sound-and-motion rich media ads can be trafficked across all platforms seamlessly. And the only way for consumers to tolerate that is to make the advertising part of the experience.

Related: This video shows examples of USAT's new ads.

Earlier: For a moment, I thought this ad was a story.


  1. Wouldn't hurt to ban the remnant garbage ads like 'This one weird trick...' I expect those when I visit porn sites but the new USAT site deserves better.

    It really is a neat design, perhaps one of the 15 vice presidents in charge of sellin' stuff could pound pavement to find something worthy.

  2. What the F*** did Payne say? What do all those buzzwords mean in English?


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