Tuesday, September 18, 2012

USAT | How extensive was the print redesign?

A custom version of the established typeface Futura -- dubbed Futura Today -- was created for the relaunch of USA Today, according to trade site Brand New, which published details today.

The project team at Wolff Olins told Brand New:

"In collaboration with Bold Monday we developed a bespoke typeface based on Futura, in both upper and lower cases, to use as an ownable corporate font and for selected use across products. We shortened the ascenders and descenders and improved the punctuation, we’ve kept the strong characteristics of Futura, and re-drawn the weaker ones that got in the way of legibility."


  1. OMG! What a coincidence! Guess who else got their font designed by Wolff Olins and Bold Monday? (Hint: Starts with N, B, C, U...)

  2. Same playbook...want to know how the story ends?

  3. New typeface is very difficult to read.

    Isn't that job one: make it easy to read.

  4. Really? What a waste of money. Looks like every other font on the planet. Let's stop with the window dressing and hire some reall journalist who can improve the product from its foundation.

  5. Note to Larry Kramer: you came on way after all this was in motion. It seems like an enormous expenditure after years of stripping the journalism from the paper.

    It's time to refocus on journalism.


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