Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Urgent: PointRoll CEO Gatto quits key subsidiary; he will 'focus on my family and other endeavors'

Rob Gatto has been chief executive since January 2011. He announced his resignation today in a not to employees at the ad services subsidiary. His memo follows months of speculation about a big management change in the works amid sliding revenue. Historically, PointRoll has been a significant Gannett profit center.

Since joining the company in the fall of 2009 I have been proud to work with the most talented and dedicated team in the ad tech industry. I started as your sales leader and ultimately became your CEO. Throughout this journey I have learned a great deal working alongside each and every one of you.

From the day I started, it was clear to me that PointRoll was different. There is no higher compliment than people here simply play to win and do so with respect and dignity. Watching the dedication with late night campaign work, caring managers and employees, around the clock support and the unparalleled nurturing of the best client list in the industry are all things I am proud to have been a part of. I am blessed to have been a part of PointRoll.

As such, it is with a heavy heart that I announce my resignation as Chief Executive Officer of PointRoll. Including my time at ShopLocal, I have dedicated 10 years of my life to this pursuit and though I will miss it immensely am now going to focus on my family and other endeavors I have always wanted to pursue.

Commuting took 'toll'
Many of you have heard me time and again preach the need for work life balance as well as the need to seek new challenges in both your professional and personal life. Commuting to Conshohocken and King of Prussia for the better part of three years has taken its toll and it is simply time for me to find a new mountain to climb that will also allow for more flexibility and time with my family. More details on my next step will be announced next week and I will be leaving the company at the end of September.

PointRoll remains well positioned to take advantage of the strong growth the digital advertising marketplace is currently experiencing. It will take hard work and execution of the plan we have put in place, continuing to add advanced ad serving capabilities, and moving into high growth areas such as social and gaming. I have every confidence in the leadership team that has been driving the business and they will continue to build upon and execute our plans.

Please join the management team, David Payne and me at 1:00PM EST/12:00 PM CST/10:00 PM PST for an all hands call where we will review in more detail. Cat will be sending out details with call in information shortly.

You should all be incredibly proud of what you have accomplished at PointRoll and very excited about the future. I wish you all the best and thank you very much for your outstanding service during my time here at PointRoll.

Thank you,


Earlier: In a memo to sales staff in April, Gatto said competitors were "eating your lunch." 


  1. he will be missed! Glad Sandy is still here though.

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  4. Hate and respect are both earned.

  5. Here's an edited version of 2:41's comment:

    Travel to KoP has taken its toll? Seriously? You are NEVER in KoP!!! I'm calling BS on this - Gatto has been collecting a check for his inflated ego for the last two years. He has destroyed this company. Good riddance. Now if he'll only take Ripmaster with him - we'll be in better shape to clean up the mess left behind.

  6. Here's an edited version of 5:09's comment:

    Bitter [XXXXX]. You are much more the reason for the companies decline than the two you slam. I have never seen so much hate in any other company. Sad and pathetic. You will probably complain about the two after them and the two after them but by them maybe you will be running things right winner? Good luck find your next opportunity. cut them a break idiot

  7. Sarah can't run nor can she hide. Karma.

  8. I wish Mr. Gatto all the best in whatever he does next. I don't know him or what his true contribution to our strange company has been.

    But really, Gatto. The commute from Kuwait to Baghdad takes a toll. The commute from Kandahar to Kabul takes a toll.

    The commute to Conshohocken and King of Prussia is irritating, sure. Every commute on the East Coast is getting worse. But please..... spare us the melodrama.

    And all the best to you wherever you go next. Use EZ-Pass and you won't notice the tolls as much.

  9. Mr. Gatto's email is a joke. First of all he NEVER commuted to PointRolls headquarters in PA or NY. In fact the sales team here on the east coast has not seen him all year. He speaks of "playing to win with respect and dignity" Rob Gatto has neither! He has told everyone what they wanted to hear over the past 3 years and every line has been a load of crap. He is not a leader, he is not even a good sales person. He says "he is blessed to be a part of PointRoll". Rob we at PointRoll hate to break it to you but you were never a real part of PointRoll. You did nothing in your time here except drive the business into the ground and with that you will cost many of us who actually enjoying working for and building what was once a great company our jobs. You should be ashamed as should Sarah Ripmaster. Not a single person at PointRoll has any respect for either of you.

  10. Dont listed to the haters. Gatto banked serious coin while at Pointroll. He didn't earn it and everyone knows he stepped in ship, but good for you Rob. Screw everyone as long as your pockets get fatter.

  11. Gotta wish the bobcat the best, but really hope Gannett has a plan for both replacing him and enacting a strong digital strategy that exploits the strengths of all its resources (pointroll, shoplocal, ripple6?, blinq, usatoday, careerbuilder and, probably most importantly, all of the local tv/radio/print outlets) and then really steps up the game to leverage all of its content to increase revenue.

    pr is a great place to work but without an explicit plan from the top (sandy, cat, sarah and even martore/payne) then the rank and file will start to look elsewhere; whether that is nursing school or clown college.


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