Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sponsors | I'm happy to acknowledge . . .

. . . $160 in donations that I've received in recent weeks. With advertising revenue, they bring me to 24% of my quarterly goal. The breakdown:
  • Reader donations: $160
  • Advertising: $797
I'm trying to earn $4,000 quarterly, through donations of $5 per reader, plus advertising sales. Please use the PayPal "Donate" or "Subscribe" tools in the green rail, upper right. Or mail cash and checks payable to: Jim Hopkins, 584 Castro St. #823, San Francisco, Calif., 94114-2594.


  1. Jim, be sure to send a bill for $5,000 to the U of Cinci teachers' union (AAUP). They got a lot of free advertising, to attack Margie. You're welcome.

  2. Hmmm, maybe my math is off, but after $160 in donations, how do you have $154? Did someone ask for a refund?

  3. 5:50 At least someone's paying attention! That was my mistake, and i've corrected the $154 to reflect the full amount: $160.

    (PayPal charges me 3% of gross receipts plus 30 cents per donation as a transaction fee. So, although I received $160 in donations, the net is lower.)

  4. (PayPal charges me 3%

    If you want Jim to get the full amt. from Pay Pal, click on "personal" and then "other".


    Donations to Jim can also be sent by e-mail, if you are a customer of a bank in the 21st century, such as ING Direct or

    Jim, if you're going to the GCI annual meeting, sign up for Square credit card services -- take donations on the spot. Those Wall Street peoples have the resources.

  6. Cant we get you through Deal Chicken?

  7. LOL, 4:08. I prefer to remain completely anonymous and send my donation via snail mail.


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