Tuesday, August 21, 2012

AdWeek says Blinq deal to be finalized today

[Updated at 1:01 p.m. ET with Corporate confirming the deal in a news release that doesn't reveal terms, including a purchase price. Notably, the release says: "Dave Williams, Blinq's CEO, will report to Vikram Sharma, president and CEO at Gannett Digital Marketing Services."]

The advertising trade publication, the latest to report a pending deal for the Facebook social media ad start-up, puts the value at up to $60 million -- "if management hits certain targets in the next three years." And AdWeek says today that it's an all-cash deal. (So much for any seller confidence in Gannett shares.)

Previous published reports have valued the deal as low as $40 million and as high as $92 million. So far, Corporate hasn't confirmed anything. But AdWeek, citing a source it doesn't identify, says the purchase will be consummated today.

Launched four years ago, Blinq is based in New York.

Even at the lowest end, the deal would be one of the biggest since GCI bought PointRoll for a reported $100 million in 2005.

Earlier: Will Martore be able to keep Blinq's management happy?


  1. So here's the e-mail from Martore.

    "Today Gannett acquired BLiNQ Media, a leading global innovator of social management advertising solutions for agencies and brands.

    BLiNQ helps companies advertise and engage with consumers on Facebook and other social networks and has managed social media marketing campaigns for more than 600 of the world’s largest advertisers since 2008.

    This is an exciting next step for us and significant for the company. As demand for social media marketing solutions continues to grow at a rapid rate, BLiNQ adds a very strong social media marketing solution to Gannett Digital Marketing Services’ product suite. This acquisition provides great new opportunities for our customers to further grow and enhance their business.

    Please join me in welcoming our new colleagues from BLiNQ to Gannett. We begin an exciting new chapter together."

    Hate to be ignorant but who are some of these hugely huge companies that BlinQ has helped?

  2. http://blinqmedia.com/customers/

    Here you go 12:48

  3. Great move for Gannett. Gracia gets a gold star for this one.

  4. They have access to FB APIs!!! We are going to be rich!

  5. I did my daily check of the headlines for all the content that all those people with bulging pockets are reading, so advertisers can sell them social media ads through all the cool APIs. I couldn't find one remotely appealing enough to even click on. Just like every other day.

    Maybe we should close down the local papers and just focus on porn. We need to do something new, because the content we generate now isn't even click able.

    Back to my book.

  6. And there is more to cone! Between USAT's 30th anniversary/relaunch and the new aquisitions there is a lot to get excited a out. Well not here but you get my drift

  7. and the furlough announcements won't be far behind.


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