Wednesday, July 18, 2012

USAT | Site, tablet relaunches near completion

Since last summer, Gannett Digital has been redesigning digital versions of USA Today and the community newspapers, with USAT expected to be the first to relaunch in time for its 30th anniversary in September.

Now, a new strategic initiatives newsletter from Corporate is offering details, focusing on USAT.

The paper's homepage, section front and story page designs are complete, the newsletter says. The planned Video Production Center in Atlanta is now up and running. Also: first-generation testing of a new content management system is done; and ad server migration to DoubleClick is complete.

The paper's new tablet app will provide "lateral movement," more integration of video, and more integration of social media and "higher-value ads."

The app's status? "Product development is on schedule; the design direction and primary screens have been approved; content plan is being developed."


  1. Who's getting that newsletter? All employees or just some people? Seems like it's a no-brainer to share widely.

  2. Wonder if all the loyal people who helped build the brand but were forced out with no safety net in recent years will be part of the 30th anniversary festivities?

    1. Anyone specific tou'd like to invite back?

  3. 2:13: reminds me of working on some early production, then dropped, no prior notice as soon as the second was renewed. It created the second budget.

  4. Near completion? Hahahahahaha...

  5. Jack Kelly!

  6. It's actually spelled Kelley.

  7. He lied about the spelling, too.


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