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July 23-29 | Your News & Comments: Part 5

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  1. Just listened to Gannett webcast.. Sounds like they have a solid plan in place. I am impressed. Good luck and hope it plays out

  2. What some desperate people will do for a paycheck.

  3. Yes they have a plan.
    Although you won't be told it includes layoffs until you are on your way out the door.

  4. What does Kate Marymont's new title, Senior Vice President/News, mean?

    Are there now junior vice presidents? Is she being "kicked upstairs"? Or is she being rewarded for abandoning her journalistic ideals and parroting the corporate mantras?

    Any insights from anyone truly in the know?

  5. 10:38 Adding a "senior" to vice president -- or, promoting someone to vice president, as was the recent case with investor relations director Jeff Heinz -- I suspect is an honor that also kicks someone into a higher salary grade.

  6. Sometimes seniors are managers who can't be trusted with day-to-day operations any longer, but are still valued for strategic thinking or can't be fired for other reasons. Making them senior moves them further away from screwing something up.

  7. Kate showed real guts in the showdown with the martinets of USAT Sports. Good for her. A true newswoman trying to hold things together.

  8. Oddly, no one among the worker bees at this Gannett location in Dairyland is aware of the memo about what photos can and can not be used for Olympic coverage.

  9. Your all a bunch of losers, with negative thoughts. Hit the road if you hate GCI so much. We dont need you negative bullshit at this time
    A Happy Pressman

  10. Hello, Michigan!

    (Oops, you're in Wisconsin, Kate.)

    Yes, she needs a higher salary.

  11. If someone from Gannett really does read these, there's a problem with the web portal the carriers are supposed to enter their returns on at Florida Today. Can't sign in. Someone please fix this.

  12. MONROE - Petty out this week and Spurlock has her queen hat on. What is it that make one act so out of control when they taste the publisher seat. If Petty is not here next week we will not have any employees. Price - do you have any openings in Shreveport for a desperate sole?

  13. It's not The Star anymore. This is the final axe in my heart:

    Important Announcement about the Penn St. building
    Crotchfelt, Karen
    Sent: Friday, July 27, 2012 2:31 PM
    Messages to INI

    As part of the strategic transformation of our company we have decided, after 104 years, to put our downtown building on North Pennsylvania Street up for sale. The Penn building has been a wonderful part of our history, but it no longer suits the size or needs of our staff. We need space that inspires us to be creative and digitally focused as we continue to pursue great journalism that makes an impact and is a positive force on our community.

    We are committed that Star employees will relocate to a new location downtown still to be determined. We hope to find space that inspires our future and welcomes our community to be a partner in the conversation. We have no timeline for a sale or for a move. Now that the announcement has been made, we will begin to define our needs for a move and consider all options.

    CBRE has been retained to represent us in the sale and to help us determine our relocation plans. Jeff Luebker [] is our contact at CBRE.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Thank you.


  14. Jim, I'm grateful for your work (and yes, I send cash from time to time). With tons of layoffs and ill-timed bonuses to it's soon to parachute out CEOLee has descended into a company as bad as Gannett. And. there is no one to chronicle it and give employees/ex-employees and news industry observers a voice.

  15. I've seen many a news exec get kicked upstairs...then out the window not long after with a money-filled parachute.

    Today's editors were once journalists. Now they're weak shills who will lay off anyone to save their thin skins and be able to send their kids to private colleges.

    How can they sleep at night? Pretty well on a pillow stuffed with cash.

  16. Cassidy is definitely not back with DealChicken, USA Today or Gannett. Where do these rumors come from?

  17. Gannett to sell downtown building of the Indianapolis Star.|topnews|text|

  18. Hey, our big bad Sports team -- that lean, mean revenue machine -- couldn't sell a single ad for the Olympics pullout. Not. One.

  19. About the Indy sale, didn't they get some kind of corporate welfare tax break somehow tied to the downtown location?

    I recall working for a non-Garnett paper that listed companies with tax breaks, then watched to see if they did what they said they would do when they applied for them. Wasn't Gannett supposed to create some jobs to get that break?

  20. Jim…we need more info on the soap opera at GPS too. You missed this nugget from a circ friend that went out from GPS Pres Evan Ray this week. This is the restrucure created from Brad jones leaving. Where have all the USAT people gone?

    GPS Restructure: Jerry Hill named Senior Vice President/Circulation; Jack Saunders named Vice President/Distribution and Single Copy Sales

    I’m pleased to announce a new structure for Gannett Publishing Services’ circulation management. The new structure will enhance lines of communication and promote improved collaboration across the company.

    Jerry Hill will lead the circulation team as the Senior Vice President/Circulation, and have responsibility for all of Gannett circulation management for both USCP and USA TODAY. Jerry’s collaborative leadership style will provide strong strategic direction now and into the future. Jerry formerly oversaw the Consumer Services and Sales Support division of GPS and has held various leadership roles with Gannett in Detroit, the Pacific Group, and at Gannett corporate.

    Reporting to Jerry in the role of Vice President/Distribution and Single Copy Sales will be Jack Saunders. In his new role, Jack will oversee all home delivery and single copy distribution and operations, single copy sales and our third party distribution partnerships. Jack has demonstrated strong leadership over the past nine months with the merger of USA TODAY and USCP management and has extensive knowledge in distribution operations and sales. Jack joined Gannett in 2000 as director of circulation administration with The Arizona Republic where he was subsequently promoted to vice president of circulation. A replacement for the Vice President/National Field Operations, Jack’s former position, will be announced shortly.

    Along with Jack, also reporting to Jerry will be Diane Barrett, Vice President/National Single Copy Sales and Helen Hoffman, Vice President/Consumer Sales. Additional leadership in other key functional areas will be announced in the near future.

    We are confident that this realignment will provide greater results and clarify lines of communication with USA TODAY and USCP management. In the next few weeks, following additional announcements, a detailed organization chart and defined areas of responsibility and contact information will be provided.

    Please join me in congratulating Jerry and Jack on their well deserved new roles.

  21. It won't be long before Gannett sells all their properties across the nation. Another for sale sign went on a Phoenix property, which brings the total of sold/for sale to four. Before long, they will turn the piggy bank upside down and only IOU's will fall out. Our office at The Az Republic has been plagued with various maintenance calls going unanswered for days on end. Zidich and Held walk around whistling past the graveyard, cashing their checks, knowing that the ship is listing badly and will inevitably sink.

  22. crouchfelt is a milker...paid to be a milker..squeeze the penny til its dry. why dont you understand? hang in there

  23. Maybe I missed it, Jim. But have you posted anything yet about the Indy's Star's plans to sell its downtown Indy HQ?|topnews|text|

  24. @9:35 re: tax incentives

    Can't say about Indy incentives, but Gannett famously located a call center in Oklahoma because of favorable tax treatment. After a few years, Gannett pulled out, relocating to Phoenix and elsewhere.

    Probably left a bad taste in everyone's mouth. Made OK look like saps, and Gannett came out like carpetbaggers.

  25. 1:52 isn't it amazing that people at gannett would have to resort to a blog for it to help them with their daily work on the job! Is someone listening- this guy needs help!

  26. Did Bob Campbell get his package yet or do people still have to deal with this person?

  27. Indianapolis going out of downtown breaks my heart. I'm not in that office but I go to the city every year so they are near and dear to my heart. Just sad.

  28. Michael Kane is a genius.

    The squeeze play is on.

    Claybaugh to the South, Fogler to the North, Donovan to the East - the Kane boys are closing in on the Anchorman.

    Ron Burgundy - the clock is ticking. You have effectively managed the five properties reporting to you to DEAD STINKING LAST in Gannett.

    The standing bet says he won't last the year. Who wants a piece of the action on the Anchorman?


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