Saturday, June 02, 2012

Lafayette, La. | Ad sales desperation hits new low

The Daily Advertiser in Lafayette, La., is standing by its decision to run an advertisement yesterday by a far-right extremist group suggesting President Obama and Democrats are conspiring to murder Catholics and Christians, according to the left-leaning Think Progress blog.

The paper's publisher since March, Karen Lincoln, said she stood by the decision. "We look at all of the ads, and the decision is made by each market,” she said. “This ad did meet our standards.”

Lincoln said another ad from the same organization, Save Our Republic, was scheduled to run in tomorrow’s paper.

The Advertiser's Monday-Saturday circulation is 29,368; Sunday is 42,396, according to the March 31 ABC report.

Here's a photo of the advertisement; go to the original Think Progress post for a bigger view:

Earlier: In Louisville, Ky., ad featuring 600-lb. man in diaper fails cereal test.


  1. It probably keeps them from getting a burning cross on the sidewalk out front. But, yeah, it's foul stuff and the newspaper shouldn't participate in spreading that particular manure.

  2. These groups make the La. Tea Party look moderate. Basically it's promoting the worldview of one Curtis Bowers, a former Idaho state representative. Bowers, among other things, claims to have infiltrated a Communist Party group in 1992 and discovered the group talking about (gasp) feminism and ecological issues. Why must we import the bat-shit crazies? We have enough of our own.

  3. Did the check clear? Give the readers credit, they know batshit too. Take the money and run.

    1. I'm with you. This ad will change no one's mind. The lefties will whine that it's not fair and the snake-handlers will cry amen. Sell them all the pages you can.

  4. And then there's the ad that ran this week in USA Today, urging Catholics to renounce their faith. Think USA Today would accept comparable ads involving certain other beliefs, such as, oh, calling upon Muslims to renounce Islam?

  5. And how much did the NY Times get for the "General Betrayus" ad?

    For that matter, the 600 lb guy-in-a-diaper ad (ran in Phoenix this week) is pretty disturbing.

    BTW . . . love the new picture part of the "prove you're not a robot" moderation. Gotta be some kind of an X-Files or Manchurian Candidate crypto-mind-control thing going on. Unless it's the secret coordinates where the 12-21-2012 survivors meet.

  6. The funny thing is the editor's condescending aging hippy persona antagonizes the right wing, now they've antagonized the left wing.

  7. You would think the Catholic League would jump all over the Daily Advertiser for running this ad. The Catholic League is too busy going after people who expose wrongdoing in the Church.


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