Tuesday, May 29, 2012

More rival TV stations sharing local news reports

In a little-publicized shift, competing TV stations in dozens of cities from Vermont to California are sharing office space, news video and even scripts written for nightly news anchors.

Facing stiff competition for advertising revenue, these collaborative agreements are a survival strategy for weak stations, The New York Times reports in a new story today.

The trend resembles the retrenchment of the American newspaper industry, but it has been far less publicized. Now, federal regulators are taking notice.


  1. Several TV stations in Phoenix share news production. KPNX, the Gannett station, is not one of them. KPNX does share a helicopter with a couple of other stations.

  2. In Salt Lake City: kUTV (CBS) simulcasts its 10 p.m. News on "sister station" KMYU. Telling.

  3. As a reporter, I can remember covering news events and seeing 4-5 other Gannett papers there. Sometimes even USAT would come to join the party. No one was interested in pooling or sharing stories. My editor told me to write stories that would make other Gannett competitors envy us. We did.

  4. The new definition for crowd sourcing.


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