Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Here are the paper-by-paper circulation figures

I've just posted a spreadsheet compatible with Excel that you can read online, or download. These are the latest Audit Bureau of Circulations figures, released today for the six months ended March 31.

Please take note of the seven tabs across the bottom, guiding you to the content. The Daily Part 1 tab contains figures for all newspapers, weekdays and Sundays, including those published by Gannett.

They're listed in alphabetical order: first by state, city (or county), and then the newspaper's name.

Total average circulation for March 31 vs. the same period a year ago is in one of the far-right columns.

See the ABC's many caveats about methodology and comparability in this news release.

[Photo: a drawing of a newspaper carrier is etched on Founder Frank Gannett's gravestone in Mount Hope Cemetery in Rochester, N.Y.]


  1. Glad another blogger took up my suggestion earlier on another thread, Jim.
    Just looked up my former employer's numbers. Ouch, down 45% from when I started (and down 70% in their newsroom staffing, oh those sharp tacks!)

  2. Any chance you could do a separate thread that:
    1) Makes sense of the column headers, and
    2) Compares these figures to last year/same quarter and maybe 5 years ago/same quarter?

    That would be useful and interesting to read.

  3. Jim, I've been laid off, but that tombstone graphic with this thread made me laugh so hard that I have to send you $10.

  4. An 11 percent drop in Mon-Fri circulation in Carolyn Washburn's first full year with the Enquirer. This is a substantially larger drop than reported by Dayton, Columbus, Cleveland and Akron papers, and note that the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette actually grew its M-F circ. The willingness of Buchanan and Washburn to make cuts larger than Gannett needs has taken a crushing toll on newshole, staff-generated content and circulation. The limp 10-by-15'' paper and paywall at year end will be the death knell of the Enquirer. A bad paper will be beyond worse.

  5. Thanks, Jim for the circulation info AND all your work. Some more green is headed your way.

  6. 7:16 That Gannett tombstone takes on a whole new meaning when you consider the state of the newspaper industry.

  7. Cincinnati's big push under Washburn is Sundays, content-wise. Oh wait, thats down too...

  8. I'm 7:16, and you're right Jim. I laugh until I cry. Thanks for all you do.

  9. Yes, Jim, would like to see the 3 and 5 year (hey, even 10 if you can get it) comparison.

    It would be interesting to compare, say, Lee or McClatchy papers percentage loss, and other papers/chains, to Gannett.

    If Gannett is as mismanaged as everyone says it is, those numbers would bear out. If they don't, then the company would have some defense to what they do.

  10. Big federal court decision by the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals yesterday on the fen-phen case, co-starring a prominent lawyer and an ex-judge. Who wrote the story for the Enquirer? AP

  11. "They tremble with the nervous thought
    Of having been, at last, forgot"

  12. were are the rest of Gannets papers, what a joke..get some facts Jim

  13. Instead of providing a contributing response, instead of providing the so-called missing "rest of Gannets [sic] papers" he alleges, 3:52 only can manage an insult steeped in conceit.

    Wow, 3:52. That's pretty mature and very helpful! Thanks!

  14. Wow! Journal News in Westchester circulation less than half of what they "claimed" it was just a few years ago. Keep up the good work there!

  15. Any update on these numbers since they published the gun list?

  16. Dear Jim, are you able to get same data for the past years? I am trying to get a general idea of newspaper circulation by year and state. I would appreciate it if you can advise where this information maybe available. Thanks

    1. I'm afraid that's all I have in an easy-to-read format. However, Gannett includes yearly state-by-state circulation figures in its annual reports to shareholders. You can read and download them here going back to 1998.


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