Saturday, April 07, 2012

Newspaper monopolies, and the daily ruling Britain

From "Mail Supremacy,'' an April 2 New Yorker magazine story about the U.K.'s Daily Mail newspaper:

In January, its Web arm, Mail Online, surpassed that of the New York Times as the most visited newspaper site in the world, drawing 52 million unique visitors a month.

"At its best," Editor Paul Dacre told the magazine, "American journalism is unbeatable. But the problem with many of your newspapers is that they became too high-minded, too complacent, and self-regarding. As they became increasingly monopolist, some of them also became -- if you’ll forgive the phrase -- too up themselves. They forgot that there’s a huge market out there of people who are serious-minded but also want some fun in their reading.”

Related: Elsewhere in the U.K., Gannett's Newsquest publishes 17 dailies and hundreds of other titles.

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  1. Worth mentioning, I think... The site does not employ a paywall. In addition to its dynamic and cheeky content, I would guess that's also a factor in its high traffic count as compared to the NY Times.


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