Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mail | 'How many direct reports does Gracia have?'

Anonymous@2:49 p.m. just asked that question -- one I had, too, after reading about the newly appointed vice president of strategy, announced todaySaira Stahl, who will report to CEO Gracia Martore.

Martore's direct reports now number 12 and possibly 13 people, virtually all of whom are members of the Gannett Leadership Team.

That's slightly higher than average, according to a report this month in Harvard Business Review. "The CEO’s average span of control, measured by the number of direct reports, has doubled, rising from about five in the mid-1980s to almost 10 in the mid-2000s,'' write authors Gary Neilson and Julie Wulf.

Martore, named CEO in October, isn't unusual among new top bosses, according to the authors: "New CEOs in particular are taking on a broader array of responsibilities as they seek a comprehensive understanding of the business and as new technologies allow them to reach more people more directly. But over time -- once they attain a steady state -- they gradually reduce their span of control until the number of reports approaches the old norm."

Martore's direct reports:
  1. Stahl
  2. Susie Ellwood of USA Today, who was made de facto interim publisher on Tuesday
  3. Dave Hunke, newly named USAT chairman
  4. Bob Dickey, president of the U.S. newspaper division
  5. Maryam Banikarim, chief marketing officer
  6. William Behan, head of labor relations
  7. Paul Davidson, CEO of the U.K. Newsquest newspaper division
  8. Roxanne Horning, head of human resources
  9. Dave Lougee, president of the broadcasting division
  10. Todd Mayman, chief counsel and head of the Law Department
  11. David Payne, chief digital officer
  12. Paul Saleh, chief financial officer
  13. (possibly -- unless he reports to Payne) Jack Williams, president of Gannett Digital Ventures
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  1. Mark Morneau, vice president of Gannett Informstion Technology. He used to report directly to Craig and, before that, Doug. so I would think he was a Gracia direct report. Gannett IT is the technology arm for all the Gannett divisions. But not USAT.

  2. Who does the president of Gannett Publishing Services report to?

  3. Where's the diversity at the highest levels of Gannett? Of the 12 direct reports, I count four women and perhaps one minority. The other seven are white guys (eight if Jack Williams is a direct report). Before the three most recent appointments (Stahl, Ellwood and Banikarim), there was just one woman in the nine direct reports. That's dismal performance, particularly for a company that so often cites its diversity efforts.

  4. Evan Ray, the president of GPS, would add another white guy to the list.

  5. 6:29 and 6:33 Evan Ray reports to Bob Dickey and Susie Ellwood, according to the memo last fall announcing the formation of GPS.

  6. 1. Karen Moreno, Head of Facilities, reports into Gracia
    2. Mark Morneau, Head of IT, reports into Gracia
    3. The Short Hispanic Woman in charge of 11g reports into Gracia
    4. Jack Williams also reports directly into Gracia
    5. Gracia has two assistants that report into her as well.

  7. Tom Cox, VP Development (head of M&A) reports to Gracia

  8. Jack Williams reporting to David Payne is one of the funniest things I've read in a while. Jack is the second most powerful member of the Gannett Management Committee and is Gracia's right hand person.

  9. 10 pm What makes Williams Martore's right-hand person?

  10. To whom does Kate Marymont, VP/News, report?



  11. Marymount reports to Dickey

  12. 10pm here...

    Williams is a true Martore confidant with broad-based business experience. He's an astute shark who does and has done it all: manage large businesses, drive business development, handle legal tasks and do M&A. While his title is Digital Ventures, he oversees many areas beyond businesses such as CareerBuilder, including Gannett Healthcare and Gannett Government Media.

  13. Correcting above, Karen Moreno has been President of Gannett Supply for many years -- not "head of facilities".

  14. Basically Jack Williams is the only one willing to cover up all the bad deals (acquisition and partnerships) that Gracia wanted to do!

    He covers her ass at the AP, with Tribune, with the investment committee.

    Jack knows shit. He just knows how to suck some serious ass!

  15. 7:49, don't we have scores of people who do the same?

  16. I'd like to see a battle of the useless Gannett executives face off. Say Hunke's vice presidents vs. the combined Gannett leadership/management team.

    Gannett could charge admission and donate the proceeds to Gracia's special needs executives.

  17. Heinz - investor relations

  18. Who do all the consultants report to?

  19. How many people does it take to fix a light bulb?


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