Sunday, April 15, 2012

Earnings | Q1 financial report set for tomorrow

Wall Street media stock analysts have tempered their forecasts for Gannett's first-quarter revenue and earnings report, which Corporate is scheduled to release before stock markets open at 9:30 a.m. ET tomorrow.

On average, they expect the company to report earnings of 31 cents per share, down 24% from the same quarter a year ago. Revenue is forecast at $1.24 billion, down about 1% from a year ago. That's according to the most recent survey results by Thomson Financial.

As recently as 60 days ago, analysts had forecast earnings of 40 cents a share.

GCI's stock closed Friday at $15.04. Year to date, shares are up 12.5% vs. a smaller 9% for the broader S&P 500 index, according to Google Finance.

Tomorrow's report should be released by about 8:30 a.m. ET. Then, at 10 a.m., CEO Gracia Martore will host a conference call with analysts to discuss the report. That call will be webcast and is open to the public on a listen-only basis. (Details.)

I plan to live-blog the call.


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  2. Should be an "earnings tweet"...

  3. 1st quarter will be soft. Look for better news mid-year, with lots of tv ads for the Nov. elections and lower headcounts kicking in.

  4. Short this piece of shit stock! There is NO GROWTH at all.

    The revenues keep declining and Gracia keeps cutting.

  5. Can't wait to listen in and hear Martore squirm why Banikarim feeds her the worthless spins.

    Party on with all your gal-pals, ladies.

    1. Pretty sexist. Did you write similar pros when men ran the company?

  6. Sure the stock's up ahead of the earnings news... "Buy on rumor, sell on news." Prepare for a drop Monday ...

  7. The C level analysts who cover Gannett rarely ask the tough question of management. they are used to getting stonewalled.

  8. Sell while the shares up and buy when these down.

  9. 6:14, uh, yes. The prose is the same because the story hasn't changed.

  10. Gannett results down on advertising slump
    * Q1 EPS $0.28 vs. $0.37 yr-ago
    * Total revenue down 2.6 pct in line with analysts' forecast
    * Publishing advertising revenue down 8.4 pct

  11. 6:35, revenue from political ads is only a temporary spike. If Gannett can not grow revenue from new and long-term users, they will continue to have serious revenue issues.

    Political advertising is like a jolt of caffeine to a tired person. It creates a brief spike in alertness before wearing off and you're back to being tired again.


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