Thursday, March 08, 2012

Survey | Louisville's got 23 staffers in production

But I don't have figures for employment in any of the other departments at Kentucky's Courier-Journal, including editorial and advertising. Do you know?

With your help, I'm building a list of employment by department at Gannett's 80 U.S. community dailies, the company's biggest division; it has more than 20,000 workers in all.

Please check this read-only spreadsheet to see if your site is represented. Then, in the comments section, below, please post your figures.


  1. Interesting. Brevard and Jackson (miss) have the same circulation, yet Brevard has 70 in the newsroom and Jackson has 55 -- with 11 more about to take the buyouts. Leslie, if your goal is to destroy the Jackson newsroom the same way you decimated Lafayette, you're right on target.

  2. The Arizona Republic's newsroom staff list (see link below) has 350 people on it. But subtract interns from last summer and fall who are long gone, some others who have left and some people from other departments who are included and you get a net of about 325.

  3. What's the point?


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