Friday, March 16, 2012

In style, how they're greeting the shareholders

[Their signatures: Magner and Martore]

In small but illuminating ways, Chairman Marjorie Magner and CEO Gracia Martore are approaching their jobs differently than their predecessor. Here's the third paragraph of their opening note to shareholders, in the proxy report made public today:

Our Company is fortunate to be driven by a clear sense of purpose. Promoting the greater good of the nation and the communities we serve informs and energizes our work. It sets us apart, and we are proud of the dedication of a remarkable team of some 31,000 employees whose efforts are keeping Gannett an important part of the daily lives of millions of consumers. It also will help us to deliver value to our shareholders. We invite you to learn more about Gannett and the work we do by joining us on May 1 for our Annual Meeting of Shareholders.

Now, compare that to this strictly-business paragraph in last year's proxy report, when Craig Dubow was still chairman and CEO:

Your vote is important. Your shares should be represented at the Annual Meeting whether or not you plan to attend. If you do not wish to vote in person or if you will not be attending the Annual Meeting, you may vote by proxy. You can vote by proxy over the Internet or by telephone by following the instructions provided in the Notice of Internet Availability of Proxy Materials that was previously mailed to you or, if you requested printed copies of the proxy materials, you can also vote by mail, by telephone or on the Internet as instructed on the proxy card that you received. You may revoke your proxy and vote in person if you decide to attend the meeting.


  1. How is ridding the USCP of all the experienced senior staffers, by any means necessary, to cut their costs delivering value to shareholders?
    I must have been sick the day they taught that in my Business class.
    Or, these people are just delusional, pathological liars.

    You decide.

  2. They are liars
    Forcing good people to retire early, stripping newsrooms of resources

  3. ...and they're pulling in good loot to do this dirty work. I truly understand why so many people try to build their own businesses instead of working for people like them.

  4. As a former Gannettoid, I wonder if Gracia and Co. were gong along with Craig because THEY HAD TO. The Gannett that I knew was a top down place with no room for opinions other than those of the person sitting in the throne at the time. Or, maybe Craig was just playing the role of bad cop (like Leslie Hurst usually does as the local level) and Gracia gets to be the good cop. Who the heck really knows what true with this company. Kind of ironic that a company rooted in delivering truth to the masses has such an issue with delivering it to its very own employees.

  5. Hunke would be happy to rid the paper of all experienced journos. He wants complacent sheep who have no reason to challenge his oddball empire building.

    What the heck is this guy on, anyway?


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