Monday, March 12, 2012

Sports Media | New basketball bracket game out

In miscellaneous USA Today Sports Media Group developments today, we have this announcement, which I'm quoting word-for-word from a news release:

"The USA Today Sports Media Group today launched its first interactive bracket game -- hosted on Facebook -- to allow men's college basketball fans around the country to compete in groups with friends, fellow alumni, co-workers, and others in their area while continuously trying to predict the matchup winners during each round of the men's college basketball national championship tournament."

(Yes, that's a 58-word lede sentence.)

Meanwhile, courtesy of a reader, it seems Sports Media Group Editor-in-Chief Dave Morgan has two LinkedIn profiles. The more current one includes what appears to be a second job: president of Silver Fox Media Group.

That entity lists as its address a Los Angeles building that houses an accounting firm, according to California state business documents filed in June 2011. Morgan was named top editor at Sports Media in October.


  1. Hey he obviously has time on his hands as a brilliant Gannett executive. so why not moonlight?

  2. Given his seniority in the organization, it sounds like a potential conflict of interest.

  3. This being the case, company policy requires prior approval from higher up.


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