Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sponsors | From Tennessee, a $5 contribution

I just received that gift via PayPal. Still, with advertising sales, that brings me to only 77% of my quarterly goal. And, yikes: There's just seven days left. Please consider a donation today. The breakdown:
  • Reader donations: $865
  • Advertising: $2,226
I'm trying to earn $4,000 quarterly, through donations of $5 per reader, plus advertising sales. Please use the PayPal "Donate" or "Subscribe" tools in the green rail, upper right. Or mail cash and checks payable to: Jim Hopkins, 584 Castro St. #823, San Francisco, Calif., 94114-2594.


  1. Beggar Hopkins.

  2. Jim is very competent and does an honest day's work with a clear conscience. More than most Big G people execs who shut down their souls and slash their way to big salaries and parachutes.
    I sent $20 earlier this quarter in appreciation and may do it again. I'm grateful for a safe place to read and post.

  3. 7:35, if you want to waste your money, that's your business.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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