Monday, March 26, 2012

Phoenix | Why iPhones were smartphone of choice

From a recent TV News Check story about why Gannett chose iPhones as part of its rollout of new multimedia equipment across its U.S. newsrooms:

An iPhone 4S
In Phoenix, where KPNX and The Arizona Republic share a newsroom and jointly operate, Gannett recently issued iPhones to more than 100 shooters, reporters editors and producers — in addition to the Canon Powershot G11 still cameras many already carried.

“Reporters and photographers need to collect and record things, do some rudimentary editing and transmit that content. This one device can accomplish some or all of those critical steps," says Gannett’s Director of Digital Content MacKenzie Warren.

GCI picked iPhones primarily for its versatility, he says. “Apple’s App Store is so robust there’s a specific tool for every job."


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  2. iPhones have worked great in Phoenix. We're able to get stuff posted on both the website azcentral and to KPNX much quicker than we could pre-iPhone. This is one time Gannett did something right.

  3. But in Phoenix crap, is crap! Doesn't matter if its shot on an I-Phone or a Canon 5D Mark III. If you hire no talents, the shiniest equipment in the world wont fix a thing... Throwing more shit at a wall hoping that something will stick seems to be the way the Republic works. Go back to basic's.. A good, honest, well written piece will do wonders at attracting readership... Shit just try it!

  4. I think it's great! I get up to the minute news online, then read it in the paper twice during the next week.

  5. Not to mention, so cost effective....who wants to pay $200/each for an Android when you can pay $350/each for an iPhone!!!

    GO GANNETT!!!!

  6. I researched iPhones and androids before I purchased my personal phone and the consumer reviews I read were almost unanimously in favor of the iPhone. For every 5 reviews of Android phones, two of the reviewers had problems with it. For the iPhone the ratio was 9 positive reviews of every 10 and the problems reported with iPhones weren't some of the technical issues Droid users reported. I bought the iPhone and was using it on the job way before Gannett announced they were equipping us with them. I beat up Gannett a lot on this blog, but this was one decision that was right on target.
    As for the Powershots, they are terrible and are only good for grin and grabs or real estate shots. I use my personal camera when ever a real photographer isn't available.
    Now if they can only upgrade the computers....


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