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March 12-18 | Your News & Comments: Part 6

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    A fairly long USAT article regarding daily coupon deals.

    A question for the writers and editors: Why isn't Deal Chicken mentioned? Regardless of its market position in relation to Living Social and Groupon (i.e. smaller), in the interest of disclosure shouldn't the fact that Gannett is a player in the field have been acknowledged? Your thoughts?

  2. I must say that David Payne and Garcia Martore are helping to run Pointroll into the ground. There is no oversight from our parent and our business is deteriorating rapidly.

    Yesterday someone posted on this blog that Pointroll is not being sold by Gannett and the entire Pointroll leadership was focusing on was interrogating employees "who posted that note to the blog".

    We have a failure of the Chairwoman of the Board, Marge Magner and the CEO, Gracia Martore. Pointroll is full of a bunch of men who are PIGS and have no respect for a mother in the workplace. They have no regard for any employee that is looking to advance their career.

    We all know that Pointroll has changed, but to try and threaten and silence people if they express their opinions in this blog has crossed the line.

    Who in Gannett's executive leadership team is willing to stand up and challenge this rogue management team at Pointroll.

    I suspect there are many lawsuits that they will have to contend with real soon!

  3. Yeah, I'd Tap That Ad.

  4. Pointroll has not changed! It has always been on a downward spiral, and over the past year has gotten closer to the bottom. The only people helping Pointroll run into the ground are the inexperienced workers the lousy leadership.

  5. More useless people are leaving PointRoll. Maybe they know something that we don't. If only everyone who spent half the day walking around and the other half in meetings left, then maybe PointRoll would actually be a successful company.

  6. I find it humorous that they are trying to threaten people into submission now from posting anything on the blog. There is not a damn thing they can do about it even if they find out who it was. It's a little thing called "freedom of speech."

  7. Some pedant is about to point out, in response to 9:36, that employees do not enjoy "freedom of speech," unless by that term you mean the freedom to be unemployed. This purpose of the present post is to preempt such pedantry.

  8. Early returns on Mark Murko, new President of Sales at Gannett are mixed:

    Seems like a nice person with a good positive attitude. We need that since senior management can motivate anyone.

    Seems to have little idea of digital. Several of her comments indicate that. Why do we continue to hire print-centric people at a supposedly digitally-centric company?

    Has been contradictory in several comments she's made. Sometimes within the same sentence.

    But, overall I'm hopeful.

  9. Meant CAN'T motivate anyone.

  10. Bleak outlook for US newspapers

  11. Murky obviously has to go on the road to determine the hometown advantage marketplace. Then conduct a study to see who our audience is. Shell get up to digital speed by hiring a social media consultant. You should all know the new Gannett executive mantra by now.

    Oh, and shell hire some out of work friends to bloat the payroll.

  12. 10:51, thanks for the link to the Financial Times article. Very interesting, but I'm not sure about some of the author's conclusions, notably the opinion that print is dead. I believe that print as a primary delivery mechanism for news is certainly declining, but there will always be a need for it. We have yet to see another information conveying format that is as cheap, convenient, disposable, and portable as paper and readers appreciate that.

    I think that we are more likely to see newspapers evolve into hybrid formats where online delivery is used for breaking news, and paper delivery may focus on local features such as obits, human interest stories and in-depth investigative stuff, more along the successful model being used in the Daily Beast/Newsweek collaboration. (I wouldn't give up my paper Newsweek subscription, but still check the DB every day for new stuff, for example. And one format sells the other.)

    Sometimes I find reading the stories and comments on this blog to be so damned sad. I often have the sense that it is the collective diary of a corporate decline that will eventually be taught in B-schools. And not in a good way. It isn't too late and it doesn't have to go that way, but someone in corporate management has to jump out of their box and do some serious long-term planning, and then have the strength to steer the ship in the right direction.


  13. If Mary Murcko is nice, don't expect her to last under Banikarim.

    Banikarim and Martore are anything but "nice".

    Motivating employees? When did Gannett ever care about that?

    She better bring in millions fast or she'll be gone.

    1. Being incompetent and proving it mean job security in the sick gannett culture.

  14. 10:54 brilliantly said.

    How much money does each new marketing person have to spend on "consultants" to figure out what we already know about the company.

    This company is beyond screwed up.

    I'm still laughing at Banikarim's statement about using as a "big decision she made". Oh my gosh! The woman is a dinosaur beyond words.

  15. Murcko has zero digital experience and will not be the innovator we needed to bring in millions.

    I'm guessing Gannett could not get anybody to take that job. It's the Worst. Job. Ever.

    And a Sales Chief reporting to Banikarim makes no sense.

  16. Anyone know when the Best Of awards are due out? My editor has no idea. This is a serious question.

  17. Banikarim clearly is not the right person for the task at hand. Hope she is networking her way out of here as she meets with the movers and shakers she professes to be part of. The sad thing is she has Martore hoodwinked the same way Heather Frank has Dave Hunke. Even sadder that both MB and HF are pushing people out the door as they struggle to maintain their nascent power bases.

  18. Hey Martore, we know for a fact that all you suits and pants suits read this almost daily ( if not hourly ). Since Banikarim can't answer maybe you can...what has this woman accomplished?

    And while you're at it how about explaining Hunke?

    And Ellwood.

    And Frank.

    And Weiss.

    And Micek.

    And Lee Jones.

    The list goes...right down the drain just like USAT and Gannett.

  19. With all the talk about executive salaries, retirement packages, etc., I wonder: What sort of paycheck does the company's supposed chief journalist, Kate Marymont, get?

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  21. When was she promoted? I mean, she doesn't have any impact at all on half the company. How is that Chief?

  22. Print may or may not be dead . . . the question is, will people pay for DIGITAL print? And the answer is:

  23. Yeah, that Nielsen information is interesting, but they don't identify what "news" is: Are they talking about NYT & WSJ, or are they including Fox News and Glen Beck's GBTV web channel? The fact is that we will soon see how willing U.S. consumers are to buy local news (or what Gannett sells as local news).


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