Sunday, January 29, 2012

Social-lite: Do as we say, not as we tweet?

Corporate is about to launch a new business model for the U.S. newspapers, one that will re-emphasize a digital-first approach to delivering news through social media -- including Twitter.

In a spot check today of more than a dozen sites, including some of the smallest (hello, Elmira!), I found every one had an active Twitter feed over the past week -- except for one.

Here's a screenshot of Corporate's own Twitter page; the last entry, Jan. 23 (circled), is nearly a week old:


  1. And an even bigger hello to Corporate's marketing staff, led by Maryam Banikarim!

  2. Nothing says breaking news like a week old twitter post. This company still has no idea what it is doing. Pathetic.

  3. F tweeting and f the internet, lets go back to all newspapers all the time

  4. Is that a new logo? Is there one for USAT?

  5. The person managing the twitter account is on furlough... :)

  6. The person managing the twitter account is hoping for a buyout.


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